Let Nature be your teacher.
- William Wordsworth -


The Barnhouse is a 200 year old farmhouse, beautifully located on the hill above Horgen/ZH, with a magnificent view to the lake of Zug, the lake of Zurich and the Alps.

On our ca. 3000m2 property we have indoor areas of ca. 750m2, that's too much space for a small family like ours.

So we want to share our fantastic house with likeminded people who love nature, food, music and creativity and who would like to contribute to projects of beauty, meaning and joie de vivre. 



We are planning to run a Kidshotel on some weekends in summer - parents can drop their kids and have a weekend of twosomeness. The kids will sleep in tents or in the barn in sleeping bags and in the hay - what fun that is! We'll play, do handycraft, feed the cows and horses, go for long walk over the fields and into the forest, and in the evening we'll barbecue outdoors. 

For the adults we plan Dinner & Music events - we invite for dinner and organise a good band and/or some danceable music. Out here, there's no neighbours to be bothered, no worries!

We are open to suggestions or requests regarding different Events such as marriages, birthday parties or workshops. 

We are more than open and happy to receive your ideas, inspirations and questions. 


In the woods we return to reason and faith
- Ralph Waldo Emerson -


The concept of Kidshotel is quite simple: Let the kids have fun with us on the farm while the parents enjoy a fun weekend without them!
As parents we experienced the lack of childcare at the weekends ourselves. In addition, one doesn't want to give one's kids into anybodys care. So what better for your kids than a social and fun weekend on the farm, out in the nature and loaded with play and fun?

For englishspeaking kids (german speakers welcome, too) aged ca. 5-12 years, we offer selected kids-weekends and holidays on the farm. Planning for 2018 is currently on its way - get in touch with us if you wanna know more! 



The Kidshotel will take place upon enrolment of min. 10 kids. So, enrol and tell your friends about it! 

If demand permits, we would love to organise a full week of Kidshotel during the autumn holiday.  

Interested? Contact us by Email or phone  


Dinner & Music

Food is music to the body,
music is food to the heart
- Gregory David Roberts -

Dinner & Music

We love to cook and eat, but what we like most is fill up the house with likeminded people for dinnerparties!

We plan to organise Dinner & Music events - indoors in the Barn or outdoors in the garden. To dine (and cook) together and to enjoy some nice music while at it - that's our vision.

....and what is YOUR vision? Lets us know 


The Barn has a capacity for up to 100 people - whereas the outdoor space is quite unlimited and suitable for quite big events. 

We're happy to receive suggestions and ideas of cooks, food lovers, musicians etc.


Do it today.
It could be illegal tomorrow.
- Anonymous -


Birthday parties, marriages, workshops etc,
that's what we want to host on our Barnhouse, and much much more.

Dont be stingy with comments and suggestions! 


We like to be surprised


The Barnhouse is located high above Horgen/ZH but still within 20min by car from Zurich and 15min from Zug, with a magnificent view to both lakes and the Alps. 

The Barnhouse

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